Android Police article
I worked with the well-known tech blog, AndroidPoliece, to create this article updating readers on one of the latest new features of Chromebooks.

Android Police

Document containing a pasta article for Technobyte
This is an article i ghostwrote for a web content agency called Technobyte in 2021.

Food Article for Technobyte

PPC Ad Example
This is a PPC Ad example mock up from a course on copywriting taken in 2020 from AWAi. It follows all PPC guidelines and best practices.

PPC Ad Example

Landing page example
This is a landing page I created for a popular social media influencer selling a course on how to go viral on social media. The article is a curation of pasta recipes.

Creativity Kit 2.0 Landing page Copy spec

Marriage makeover landing page example
This is a spec piece Landing page I helped rewrite for a former client in the relationship and life coaching space.

Marriage makeover landing page spec

Traveling article example
This is a blog post mock up and will not be found on any blogs. It’s an example of what I can do with blog posts, nothing more.

Travel Article Example

Top of Techopolis Online Solutions Website
Do not punch the courses button. It’s another site that’s still in progress. Techopolis Online Solutions designs websites and apps, and does Accessibility auditing to insure that their creations are inclusive to all users, including users with disabilities.

Techopolis Onlne Solutions LLC. Website

This is iAccessibility, a podcast and blog dedicated to talking technology, but not only that. They go into technology that is inclusive to all, proving that disabilities are not a barrier to accessing technology.

iAccessibility website (in progress)